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Tips for Choosing and Using Your String Trimmer

When it comes to landscape maintenance, a good string trimmer is no longer considered an option. These outdoor power tools are essential for maintaining your yard and shrubbery areas. And string trimmers are not just for manicuring your lawn. Garden owners have also found that string trimmers are perfect for keeping weeds away from their tomato plants and other garden vegetables.


Like almost all other home and garden power tools, you have the choice of AC electric, cordless electric and gas-powered. The usual benefits and drawbacks apply. When using AC electric power, you are tethered to an electrical outlet. If you have a small property to care for and plenty of extension cords, this isn’t necessarily a problem. AC-powered string trimmers are powerful, quiet and require little maintenance.

Cordless string trimmers free you from the power outlet. But they will have less power. You also have to contend with a discharging battery. Will you finish the job before you run out of power? It depends on how much trimming you have to do.

Gas-powered string trimmers have the edge in terms of power and mobility. They are the most powerful models you can buy and you can trim unlimited areas as long as you have fuel for the tank. However, they are noisy and heavy. They expel fumes and pollution. And they require additional maintenance throughout the season. If you choose gas power, you should at least go with the four-cycle engine to avoid having to mix gas and oil.

Whichever kind of string trimmer you buy, take time to read the manual. Some models are more complicated than others. You will save a lot of frustration if you understand how your trimmer works and the best way to take care of it.

Some lawn care pros advise you to use smaller string than the manual recommends. They say that by going with string that is one size smaller, you can wrap more string on the spool and go longer between string refills without losing trimming effectiveness.

Three Great Benefits to Using an Electric Lawn Mower


If you have ever wondered if switching to an electric lawn mower is worth it, here are three great advantages electric mowers have over your old gas mower. Electric lawn mowers can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. They will help you save gas money. Finally, they are easier for you to operate and maintain. Let’s look at each of these advantages in a little more detail.

First, an electric lawnmower will reduce your carbon footprint. It’s no secret that our planet is in peril. Regardless of your personal convictions on global warming, it stands to reason that things can only get better if we each reduce the negative effect we are having on the environment. Using an electric lawn mower is a great way to start. You will be putting fewer emissions into the atmosphere. You will be reducing your dependence on fossil fuels. And you’ll be accessing power that was generated using cleaner methods.

A great personal benefit is that electric lawn mowers will help you save gas money. Since oil is in limited supply, it will only continue to go up in price. Every time the price of gas increases, that increases your cost of landscape maintenance as well. Plus, you constantly have to go to the gas station to keep your gas can filled. And that gas can must be stored somewhere that’s safe and well-ventilated. With an electric mower, all you need is an electrical wall outlet.

Finally, electric lawn mowers are easier for you to operate and maintain. There’s no pulling a cord to get the mower started. You don’t have to clean and replace spark plugs. There’s no engine filter to clean. Just flip a switch to start mowing and then clean the grass clippings off the mower when you’re done.

To sum up, there are three great reasons to switch from a gas lawn mower to an electric one. You can reduce your personal carbon footprint, you will save money on gasoline purchases, and mowing will become a much less bothersome task.

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