Removing Candle Wax on Your Wool Carpet

Candles are good for many purposes inside your homes. It can come in handy in case of power outage, it can also set the mood for a hot dinner date with your significant other, and it can likewise serve as decor to help improve the look and feel of your home.

But with these advantages though there is a drawback to having and using candles inside the home, and that is when you accidentally spill some candle wax on your wool carpet. Wool carpets are popular because of their look and the comfort that they offer. Getting candle wax on its carpet fibers can really ruin this and be a cause for concern for any carpet owner. But luckily, this problem doesn’t mean you have to trim the carpet fibers just yet. There is a way that you can remove candle wax from your carpet easily. Read the guide below to help you solve this very tricky carpet cleaning problem.


• Whatever you do, always make sure that you don’t try anything to clean up the candle wax on the carpet while it is still wet. This can only cause more trouble as you can spread it further to other portions of the carpet. Allow it to cool and dry up completely before you attempt removing it.
• Next, once the candle wax has dried up completely, it is now time for you to take action. Gather the following items which you will be using to get rid of the candle wax on your wool carpet: a clean brown paper bag, a steam iron, a dull knife, a wet/dry vac, some carpet cleaning solution, a paper towel, and some water. Once you have all of these, it’s now time to go to the next step.
• Get the dull knife and start picking at the hardened candle wax. You will be able to remove small chunks of this which will make it a lot easier to remove the candle wax completely. Be careful not to cut or damage the wool carpet fibers though when you are doing this. Once you have removed as much of the solid candle wax as you can, get a wet/dry vac to suck up all the loose particles.
• Next, get the brown paper bag and lay it on top of the affected area. Then, run the hot steam iron over it again and again. The candle wax will melt and will stick onto the surface of the paper bag thus it will be removed from the wool carpet fibers.
• Now that you have removed the candle wax on the carpet, use the cleaning solution to get rid of any remaining marks or stain that the wax has caused. Use a paper towel to blot the area and once you are through rinse the area with some water to help remove any residue which may be left behind.

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