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Pressure Washers Blow Away Tough Cleaning Jobs


A pressure washer is the only way to get some things clean around your house. If you have ever been confused by the range of models and choices available, then you are not alone. Deciding which pressure washer to purchase is not easy. In fact, you have to decide if you should even buy one at all. Maybe renting is the better option. Let’s look at the facts and take some of the pressure off of your pressure washer decisions.

The biggest question to answer is how many things do you need to clean, and how often do they need cleaning? The most common uses for a pressure washer include things like cleaning driveways, siding on your home, windows, vehicles, engines and more. But each of these items is really quite different. Too much pressure can damage the item you are cleaning. You need to match the power of the washer to the job.

Like most outdoor power tools, pressure washers are available in electric and gas-powered models. Electric pressure washers are more environmentally friendly, at least in terms of local noise and air pollution. Plugging into an outlet is also quite convenient. Electric-powered tools often don’t need as much maintenance as gas=powered tools. However, gas power provides more mobility. You won’t be tied to an electrical outlet. Again, depending on what needs to be washed, this could be a very necessary benefit.

Another question to ask yourself is whether or not you need hot water for cleaning. Using pressurized hot water is a good choice if you need to clean up grease and oil. Other cleaning jobs can be done just as well with cold water. Some pressure washers have a built-in heating unit. This gives you the option of choosing hot or cold water depending on the job at hand.

Your Landscape Needs Should Determine Gas versus Electric Lawn Edger Decision


If you are looking for a way to give your lawn that perfectly manicured look, a lawn edger is the perfect tool for you. It can be used to trim up any areas where your grass comes up against manmade features like curbs, sidewalks and driveways. They are available in gas-powered and electric models. Each type has its own benefits and disadvantages. Which lawn edger is the right one for you?

Electric lawn edgers are available in corded AC versions or battery-powered cordless models. The AC models tend to have a more powerful motor. They can be used as long as needed without running out of power. There is no need to make sure they are charged up ahead of time. However, you can only edge to the end of your longest extension cord. If your sidewalks and driveways aren’t very long, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Cordless electric lawn edgers provide more freedom to move away from an electrical outlet. They are perfect when you have long stretches of landscape that need edging. If you don’t have conveniently located outside electrical outlets, the cordless version is a good solution. But you will need to prepare ahead of time by charging the battery. Hopefully, the edging will be complete before the battery runs down. Also, cordless edgers will likely be less powerful.

Gas-powered lawn edgers are much more powerful than their electric cousins. They are perfect for bigger yards. They give you complete freedom and mobility without the need for a nearby power source. You can find them in two-cycle and four-cycle versions. The nice thing about four-cycle engines is that they can run on regular fuel. There’s no need for mixing fuel and oil any more. A gas lawn edger is also more likely to have professional features like interchangeable blades. However, gas edgers often require more regular maintenance.

To sum up, the best lawn edger is the one that is most suitable for your landscaping needs. If you need more power and range, go with gas power. Smaller yards will be well served by an electric edger.

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