Eureka Canister Vacuum

Eureka is known for its top rated upright vacuum cleaners but what about the Eureka Canister Vacuum? Many people are surprised to even find that Eureka makes a canister since the upright vacuum cleaner has for so long been their domain. Many people prefer a canister vacuum over an upright for a number of reasons and are happy to find out that Eureka a leading vacuum manufacturer does make a canister model.

The Eureka canister vacuum offers several advantages over its upright cousin, being easier to navigate can make the canister vacuum the vacuum of choice for small apartments or homes that have more than one floor. With an extra long hose a person can leave the canister at the bottom of the stair and thoroughly clean the stairs much better than you could with an upright vacuum. The Eureka canister vacuum is also lighter and much less awkward than an upright making it much easier to haul up and down the stairs when necessary.


The power head of a Eureka canister vacuum allows for great reach around, behind and underneath furniture making an easy job of clean hard to get at places around your home. A canister vacuum is also much better for cleaning upholstery, drapes and dusting. This is because the suction coming through the hose on a canister vacuum is much better than the suction from the hose of most uprights.

Having a Eureka canister vacuum makes short work of vacuuming out your car or motor home, where as trying to vacuum a small car with an upright vacuum can be awkward at best and a downright hassle at the most. While you will not get quite as much suction out of the power head of a canister vacuum, you will get a lot of versatility that the upright models cannot provide. Most canister vacuums also come with same type of attachments that an upright model so you will be able to use it in much the same way.

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Recently HEPA filters have made their way into canister vacuums as well so you will get the same filtration benefits that the upright models provide. This guarantees that 99% of the dust and other allergens that the vacuum pulls up will stay in the vacuum and will not be kicked back out into the air.

The Eureka canister vacuum line is one of the best rated canister vacuums on the market so you can rest assured that you will get an excellent vacuum at an affordable price. You can check out the best canister vacuum and reviews to choose the right one for your house


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