About The Author

Hello! We are a team of article writers, that have decided to create this blog to inform people about different things. Yes, it says eduardoalessi.com, but it doesn’t mean it is all about cleaning. You will see different news, from the UK and around the world, you will see information about celebrities, interesting articles about places around the world, food recipes, articles about your health.

Actually we will be writing about everything that comes in mind and is worth sharing. So don’t be surprised if you see an article about the Aston Martin One-77 and the next one to be about Cleaning Your Shoes Without Bending. For now we are only three, but with time we hope, that more people will join our little community.

It is always hard to start a new blog, because you have to find the right audience, but we hope that with time we will provide enough interesting and entertaining articles, that will amuse the viewers, and make you recommend us to your friends.

See you next time in our first article!